Hi! We're inkFlap! An online design and print company.

You can either use or modify our designs, create a new design in our design studio or in some products even upload a pre-designed artwork. We will then print and make beautiful products from your design and deliver them to you. Hope that's simple :) 

We strongly feel that a good design only comes to life when printed card card-body and so here we are to give your design the best shape :) Equipped with state-of-the-art technology & an expert production team, we're all set to surprise you with our amazing print quality. For us printing is not just ink on paper but a lot more and so we believe that "There's more to Print!"! 

When to use inkFlap? 

  • if you are a graphic designer and would like to print for yourself or your clients. 
  • if you understand designs, colors, quality and media and would like to create products on your own.
  • if you are a startup or a small business who are looking for high quality stationery
  • if you just love premium quality staitionery but can't design from scratch. Use/modify our existing designs.