Big Laptop Stickers

Glue Less Big Laptop Stickers 

These are special magical stickers which have no glue yet stick perfectly on any flat and smooth surface like plastic, glass, steel, PVC, veneer, mica, any kind of computer or TV screen. etc. 

The unique part is that these stickers have no adhesive at the back and hence are easily removable and leave no mark! Indeed, these are magical! 

Sizes: 63.5mm Diameter

Shape: Circular/Square

Cutting: Kiss / Half Cutting

Printing: 4 color CMYK eco-friendly process with minimal dot gain/loss.

Strict color control through X-rite technology.

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63.5mm X 63.5mm (Square)15Rs. 850.00
30Rs. 1,575.00
60Rs. 2,800.00
90Rs. 3,675.00
63.5mm Diameter (Circular)15Rs. 850.00
30Rs. 1,575.00
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Total :Rs. 850.00

Estimated Total :Rs. 850.00

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