Posters A3

Posters A3

It is said that if you write down your life’s goal and read it daily, you stay motivated. We let you do that with a style. Portray your style, attitude, personality or your creative work on a poster and show it to world. Print with us your A3 poster on one of the three paper choices:

  • 300 gsm Imported Smooth Matte Paper (Austrian Matte)
  • 280 gsm Italian Natural Texured Paper
  • 280 gsm Imported Metallic Paper (Cordenons, Italy)

Size: 420mm X 297mm

Cutting: Straight Edges

Printing: 4 color CMYK eco-friendly process with minimal dot gain/loss.

Strict color control through X-rite technology.

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A3 Size1Rs. 200.00
5Rs. 750.00
10Rs. 990.00
25Rs. 2,250.00
50Rs. 4,425.00
100Rs. 8,850.00
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