Posters B2

Posters B2

If you think big and have big plans, our posters in size B2 (double of A3) are perfect to present your big ideas in an equally enormous way. Print your grandeur on our B2 poster on matte/gloss or textured paper options:

  • 300 gsm Imported Smooth Matte Paper (Austrian Matte)
  • 300 gsm Imported Smooth Gloss Paper (Austrian Gloss)
  • 280 gsm Italian Natural Textured Paper

Size: 706mm X 500mm

Cutting: Straight Edges

Printing: 4 color CMYK eco-friendly process with minimal dot gain/loss.

Strict color control through X-rite technology.

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B2 Size1Rs. 990.00
5Rs. 4,490.00
10Rs. 8,890.00
25Rs. 21,975.00
50Rs. 42,950.00
100Rs. 82,900.00
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